One White Man’s solution to the transgender bathroom battle: ‘All-gender urinals’

There are few national issues as bitterly divisive as the use of public restrooms by transgender people.

On one side are those who believe people who identify with a gender that doesn’t correspond with their sex at birth should be free to use the restroom of their choice and see the question as an obvious civil rights issue.

On the other: Those who argue that giving transgender people that choice puts women and children at risk and — when sanctioned by the federal government — represents a form of illegal intrusion into personal privacy.

While activists and officials on both sides of the debate are lawyering up, the founder of a popular Austin movie-theater chain has unveiled plans for his business to sidestep the debate altogether, before it’s had a chance to fully take root in Texas.

The idea, outlined on Facebook by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema founder Tim League, is to design a restroom that is “comfortable for all genders.”

“Instead of taking sides on whether or not sexual predators will be invading the restrooms of our stores or public schools, we’ve been thinking about what an inclusive commercial gender-neutral restroom design might look like so that these challenges are not even part of the dialogue,” League’s post says. “The consensus was that we’d have a room with ‘standing’ toilets (heck, we’re even looking at those all-gender urinals) and individual rooms with sinks, mirrors and trash cans in each room, our ‘seated’ toilet area.”

We live in the saddest day of all times where satanic possession is running along with seemingly little resistance and the confusion of gender is ridiculous. The depth of the white demon’s heart sinks so low that now, if murder, incest, war, human trafficking, poverty, and fraudelent business dealings was not enough lets add another layer to horrific things that burn the electronic pages of what we call news.

The year of repentance is nearly six months in and the hearts of men in America has grown steadily worse. Male on male rape is rocketing in and outside the prison walls. Female on female rape is rocketing in and outside the prison walls. Women leading human traffic rings and enslaving other women and calling themselves feminist. Everything is being pulled out of joint and single mothers take the greatest hit in poverty.

Its time to return to God’s law. Where the man leads the home and the women dance in step with their own husband and not someone else’s. Where children are being disciplined to respect and honor their parents and in-turn will respect others outside of their home, instead of white guys on trains tormenting the elderly. Its time to return all the way this time. Our heart is desperately wicked and only Jesus can make it soft.

Christian people must hide themselves in God’s love. The Lord is angry with the wicked everyday and his anger is about to erupt in another storm. Don’t walk with the ungodly or be taken by the whirlwind that God forms and the fire that will cover the earth. Hide yourself NOW in the love of God before it is too late.


2 responses to “One White Man’s solution to the transgender bathroom battle: ‘All-gender urinals’

  1. Very good article despite the blatant racism towards the ‘white’ Devils when the man in the WH at the forefront of it all is black…

    • Just so you know there is an evil spirit called white man demon, but I would not expect you to believe me, it sounds crazy. Same as Jesus spitting into the ground and wiping dirt mixed with it and a man seeing. My blog posts require spiritual eyes to understand it. My blog is not for the novice. If your presupposition wasn’t so defensive about race, you may have seen this blog clearly, however it does require a certain spiritual knowledge.

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