Racist Thug George Zimmerman Sells Lynching Memorabilia For $250k

george zimmerman
Whenever Black people were lynched in our society, it was common practice for the perpetrators to take souvenirs away from the ritualistic murder scenes. The white supremacists would take the ropes and other weapons used to lynch the victims with them to display them as trophies. It was more common for the white supremacists to castrate the victims or cut off other body parts to keep as mementos.

In a long standing tradition in white supremacist culture, the weapon used to lynch an innocent unarmed Black child was auctioned off for $250k. The auction was orchestrated by racist career criminal George Zimmerman, who now spends his time on social media making racist comments about President Obama and Black society in general.

Zimmerman made headlines again last week when he announced he was going to auction the gun used to violate the Constitutional rights of  Trayvon Martin. The initial gun site that was going to host the auction backed out, but another suspected white supremacist gun  site agreed to host the auction. According to TMZ, the lynching weapon was sold for over $250k this week.

Despicable acts like this should force Melanoid people to realize that we are in a complete system that is dominated by the non-justice system of white supremacy. This is a system where racists can still lynch innocent Black people with impunity, and have the support of other white supremacists. We have to remember, there was a suspected white supremacist police force in Florida who supported Zimmerman. There were suspected white supremacist jurors who acquitted Zimmerman-who we now see has a career of crime and violence. There are several white supremacist organizations and donors who support Zimmerman. Click here to read more.

It is important to be informed about the world around you and the evil that is being praised and magnified. You should especially be aware as Christian parents about what the world with power considers pleasurable. As your children will receive the greater impact of the brain washing via television, internet, school, and interaction with those who have no knowledge of God. Keep your children from idols and teach them about the love of God on every opportunity.


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