‘He nicknamed me Miss Piggy’: Former Miss Universe blames Trump for years of eating disorders she suffered after ‘he called me an eating machine’


Alicia Machado won the Miss Universe competition in 1996 aged just 19. After the contest she gained 40lbs and was told crown would be removed. Says Trump bullied her by calling her ‘Miss Piggy’ and an ‘eating machine.’ Claims incident in which she was taken to a gym to get help losing weight only to find media waiting for her led to years of eating disorders. Click here to read more.

Words are powerful. They create wars and bring peace. They destroy marriages and put two people together. They have the ability to create beauty or destroy much good. God spoke and through his words the sun and moon existed. Each day in the beginning of creation God spoke and things appeared. Words are very powerful. The Bible says that God will judge every idol word.

However, as powerful as they may be God will not allow you to blame others for your decisions no matter what someone has said to you. Why? Because he told you that the world is owned by Satan and that out of his mouth are lies. If you choose to believe his lies over the wisdom that God provides your circumstance will be the fruits of death and destruction. Because Satan hates you and his plan for your life is death and eternal destruction.

The blame game will not work on the day of judgment. Go ahead and repent of your decision to be disobedient to God and let your light shine before men and glorify God with your body.




One response to “‘He nicknamed me Miss Piggy’: Former Miss Universe blames Trump for years of eating disorders she suffered after ‘he called me an eating machine’

  1. Interesting post! Thank you for sharing. I agree with you in that we can not blame someones words for a condition that we suffered from. Although I do believe that words to the level of verbal abuse are very capable of large amounts of damage. I recently wrote several posts addressing similar issues. I hope you don’t mind if I share one of them here. When we have a deep faith and trust in Divine Love we are confident that we are Loved and worthy of Love not matter what. When we lack this we tend to quickly blame others. It felt strange to me in reading your post that I agreed with what you said after having just wrote the post about how damaging words can be. I would love to here your thoughts as well.

    With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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