Near Death Experiences

There are multiple books that have come out and no doubt hundreds more will be printed that speak on the subject of dying and being raised from the dead. Many of these stories are in direct contradiction of the word of God and should be viewed as demonic deceptions. Satan will use every aspect of life to deceive and will succeed in deceiving many.

I am not discounting the visions or the experiences as I believe they happen. Unfortunately, someone not covered by the blood of Jesus is not protected from the devil giving them visions of beautiful places and angels. He is a very powerful angel and the prince of the air. It would be foolish to underestimate him.

Spiritual power that does not come from the name Jesus is demonic. A good protection from deception is to ask or look for the name Jesus. If anyone is speaking to God and the name Jesus is missing you should immediately think deception.

Be vigilant. Protect yourself from false persuasions by reading and rereading the Bible.


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