Woman, 26, is charged with molesting a female passenger after ‘touching her breasts and genitals’ during Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Portland


sexual predator
Police arrested Heidi McKinney, of Banks, Oregon, at the airport on Sunday. They said she touched a woman’s breasts and genitals without consent. McKinney faced a charge of misdemeanor third-degree sexual abuse. She was taken into custody and has since been released. Click here to read more

When the foundations are removed all forms of sexual molestation will be coming from every direction. Sodom and Gomorrah is coming sooner than you may think. The men of Sodom where so evil that when new men (visiting angels) came to the city the first thing they wanted to do to them was have sex with or without their consent. Evil days are ahead. Bury yourself in Jesus.

Christians in this hour you need to vote the Bible and pray for God to direct you. If you are a Christian, then you know God has an answer. Pray for God to give you specific answers for your role on this planet.




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