Teenage girl flew 4,000 miles from the US to confront her online abuser, 18, who turned her into his virtual sex slave over the internet

Daniel Howarth had nude images of his victim, a 15-year-old from America. He made two victims perform degrading and bizarre acts over web cams. Howarth sentenced to four years in jail, and to remain on licence until 2024. Click here to read more.

There are three things that you should learn here. Society treats women as the weaker vessel. This man is getting four years of jail time, as an 18 year old dealing with a 15 year old and 30 year old women with a 15 year old boy gets a slap on the wrist. Women are the weaker vessel, according to the Bible, but they should be held to the same laws as men. The Ten Commandments don’t make gender differences. Both are required to obey them all. All men should be aware of this type of inequality.

The second thing you should learn is that parents need to be vigilant in training their children in the admonition of the Lord. God commands parents to ALWAYS speak about the Word of God. When they come in and go out. In every situation Jesus should be brought into the conversation. Their life should be surrounded in an atmosphere of Jesus. When God raised up Judges to deliver the people of Israel when the leader died the people disobeyed God because they had not known the works of God. Parents should tell their children what God is doing in their life and has done constantly.

Lastly, a naked girl or woman will never be respected by men or women. There are hundreds of porn stars that are retired still suffering from the results of getting naked. Models included. The naked woman was designed for her husband, but when she gets naked for money she is a prostitute and suffers depression. Do not be deceived. Women that get naked for money are addicted to prescription and non-prescription drugs and their minds are altered and without Jesus can be led by Satan to do things that are illogical. At 15 you have a conscious and should never go against it. It is the thing that says to you, don’t go here.



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