The dark side of modeling

Stolen pay. Sexual harassment. Months without a paycheck. Outrageous fees and expenses that eat away at earnings. And no one to turn to for help.

Models allege that labor abuses like these run rampant in the modeling industry — leaving many workers feeling more like indentured servants than the glamorous high fashion icons young girls around the world dream of becoming. Read more

Does anyone find this surprising? You’re selling your body for money. This is no different than prostitution. You are dealing with rich white men who are known for cheating on their wives, promoting pornography and homosexuality, and incest and somehow getting naked (modeling) is exempt? No rich man is going to pay you thousands or millions of dollars without sex attached. If a poor kid in high school buys a girl a promise ring and expects sex after prom night, how much more a wealthy man?

Hugh Hefner sleeps with all of his models. Women that accused Bill Cosby where all models some who have records of sleeping with over 1000 men. Victoria Secret models all have sex with rich men at their secret beach location. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Any presents the devil offers has riders and these women knew this from the beginning. Thandie Newton mention on her first movie audition she had to get naked. So whatever comes next is no secret.

Ladies on twitter are taking sensual and sexual selfies and somehow think that men will respect them when they don’t respect themselves in a world owned by Satan? Thats delusional.

What’s the answer? Glorify God with your body and God will feed and protect you from the evil one.


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