Detroit Satanists mock anti-abortion protesters’ ‘fetal idolatry’ by dressing as leather-clad babies

satanic temple
Satanic Temple activists writhe and gyrate in front of shocked-looking anti-abortion protesters, who seemed frozen in place as they stared at the performance. According to the Temple’s Detroit chapter leader, Jex Blackmore, “the anti-choice movement’s obsession with, and mischaracterization of the fetus obscures medical reality and a woman’s constitutional right to choice.” In addition to the Temple’s guerrilla theater tactics, they are challenging the constitutionality of abortion waiting periods mandated by the state of Missouri in court. Read more

If Satan stands for abortion then where do you think God stands on the issue? Not rocket science. Of course God hates it. The planned parenthood agenda under the direction of the white man demon is this:

black genocide

Be vigilant and pray for black women. That God would lead them into marrying before having children. That they would carry their bodies before the Lord in chaste behavior and teach young men to be Godly.

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