14-year-old old girl hangs herself after arrest for fighting back against ‘relentless’ bullying

14 year old
A Minnesota teenager committed suicide after her parents say she was bullied on Facebook and arrested after a resulting fight at school, Fox59 reports.

Destiny Gleason, 14, hanged herself from a pull-up bar in her bedroom last Wednesday using an extension cord, and her parents want to know why more wasn’t done to protect her from “relentless” bullying by about six girls.

“At one point they took some photo of some random person’s private parts and put Destiny’s name across it and spread it around the school,” her mom, Stephanie Clark, told Fox59. “Anything they could possibly do to hurt her and bring her down.”

Her stepfather, Kurtis Clark, told the station that officials at Black Hawk Middle School, where Destiny was a student, were aware of the bullying but did little to stop it.

“We tried to be there for her as much as possible and do everything that we possibly could,” he told Fox59. “It would have been nice if somebody else would have too, instead of just saying we are going to talk to them, or we had a talk with them and telling them not to talk to each other.”

Destiny recorded a video of herself responding to her tormentors, saying, “The words you call me are just words. That’s not who I really am. That’s not what I’ll ever be.”

The bullying resulted in a fight at school last week, and Destiny was taken away in handcuffs and charged with assault. As a result, she was set to start intensive behavioral therapy. Read more

This is a sad story and this should highlight why it is important for prayer and the God to be introduced into the school system. The military recognizes that people need mental, physical, social, and spiritual health to be complete. The spiritual component satisfies a higher power outside of the individual to gather strength. God sent his Son Jesus to satisfy this.

If the ones bullying had been taught about the value of human life. The fact that they and this girl have been created in the image of God and that as image bearers of God they are to love one another, this destructive behavior would have been squelched. People must be trained in right living, it is not automatic, but they must also understand why. Why behave well? If life is simply a cosmic accident, it doesn’t matter what we do, after all we’re just sea slugs formed into humans anyway, this behavior in light of this isn’t that bad.

Christian parents must be vigilant and fortify your children with prayer and wisdom. Jesus will protect your children, but it is your responsibility to train them in the admonition of the Lord and lay hands on your children and bless them. Let them know about their value and why they are here on earth.

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