God Sends Madness to the Disobedient

It is always important to remember that the whole earth belongs to the Lord. Although Satan is the prince of the air, he must ask permission before he is able to do anything to the humans that God created. He was fashioned to be one of the instruments that God uses to bring man closer to himself. Demons are under the authority of the Lord.

When man created in the image of God decides willingly to defy him than “The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind” (Deuteronomy 28:28). He will make you so crazy you will not know whether you are a man, woman, or animal. You will defy nature at every turn and will ignore the multiple sign posts along the way. God will open the ground and kill thousands of unsaved people who are committing fornication, adultery, and other deviant behavior. God will afflict the sexually immoral with STD’s and death. Depression, panic, and phobias will run free and people will literally be running around not knowing how this epidemic came to be and why it is progressively getting worse. Unable to connect the dots between the promise of God to the disobedient which is madness, they will fall into one another’s traps.

God is handing mankind over to a reprobate mind. This mind cannot tell the left hand from the right. It is an evil disease from the Lord, but it is a sign that he is calling mankind to himself. He only promises healing to those who repent and turn from their wickedness. It is not enough to cry about your sin, you must change your mind and turn away from your wickedness and then God will heal the land you stand on.


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