Review: ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’

barber shop

I struggled whether or not to write a review on this, but I found this movie to be filled with the political agenda to encourage blacks to vote democratic. This movie follows the tag line “black on black crime” and blacks need to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps”. The movie does not address white supremacy or the laws that disenfranchise blacks or the fact that white males with a  prison record has a better opportunity for employment than a black male with a college degree. It does not address that black males doing the same job as white males makes 74 cents on every dollar. It does not address how the drugs keep coming into the community. Black people do not own the planes, trains, ships, or labs that create the drugs to be sold in the fish bowl called the projects. It does not address the fact that whites do as much, if not more drugs, than blacks as they can afford more, but get lighter sentences and slaps on the wrist when it comes to incarceration.

The answer the movie gives in helping the black community is hope and pray as if things change without a specific action. God requires obedience before seeing his blessings. Satan’s purpose for this movie is to keep blacks spinning around in a circle and at the same time vote for someone who will push you toward more and more sexual immorality. This movie counts on the ignorance of blacks to keep doing what they have been doing, so that in the next ten years they would not have changed their position and in fact will be worse.

You should desire to grow everyday. Grow in knowledge and grow in understanding and grow in constructive action.


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