Suspected White Supremacist Female Mocks Black Slavery


It is important for black Christians to understand that white liberals are not exempt from practicing white supremacy. Notice this white female comparing black slavery to animals. She is mocking the hanging of black people and this should concern you, but it should also let you know what she and others like her think about you. Black people are not just like animals. This goes back to blacks are monkeys. These vegan activist are not your friends black people. They will rally for animals, but they will work diligently to disenfranchise you.

Watch out for the word “discrimination” they use this word and attach you (black people) to homosexual agendas, feminist agendas, and animal activism. Wherever you can be used as the scapegoat. They will use you. Blacks in America still have the highest number of people incarcerated and the highest unemployment rate. We live in a system of white supremacy. Black male on male rape is the highest in America and no one is crying out about it. We are dying in the streets because of the system of injustice.

No need to live in fear black people, but you perish for a lack of knowledge. Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them (Ephesians 5:11). The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want (Psalm 23:1). Be vigilant. Your adversary the devil is like a lion seeking whom he may devour.


3 responses to “Suspected White Supremacist Female Mocks Black Slavery

  1. Good article! I see white liberals in the same way I see the serpent in the garden. Many of them are snakes. Many black people are deceived by the serpent, but some of them make a willing choice to join-in. It is those who are deceived I am most concerned about.

  2. I hear that and when I saw that image I thoughtb, that is offensive to Black people and the struggle out of slavery.

    On the other side I believe it is within us black folk to change our destiny. We can’t control what the devil (white supremists) does. But we can, as Jesus claim the victory for ourselves. Our people need to want to change their ways. I see the similarities in how black people in America and those of us here in South Africa are like [and greater Africa].

    We are responsible for ourselves. We should all stand up and petition against our daily lived discrimination.

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