Prosperity Confusion

prosperity confusion
Never forget the normal Christian walk. It is a walk filled with surprise tests and trials. A walk that is destined for persecution, as your anointing attracts haters. These haters have invisible faces with a physical frame afixed. Don’t be confused about messages of prosperity when you face calamity. Did not Jesus, Paul, Peter, Stephen, John and others face death for serving Jesus? What does the book of Revelation prophesy? Is it not the same for others to die for the cause of Christ?

Beware of the church people who ignore the fact that these men died guiltless and say that you can escape persecution when God has promised it.  Paul says, he bore in his body the marks of Jesus Christ.

My heavenly Father has said that many will declare their knowledge of Jesus and even tell him what they did for him and he will declare, I NEVER KNEW YOU.

Don’t let this be you. The normal Christian life is not easy, but safe.


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