Open and Closed Doors

Open and Closed Doors
The believer in Jesus understands that the doors that God opens no man can close. The believer also understands that the doors God closes no man can open. God is in full control at ALL times. Nothing happens without his permission. Satan could not kill Job or touch his skin without God’s permission. When God grants the devil permission to harm you, BE Faithful. The powerful anointing and favor of God follows obedient children. Remain faithful to God’s word. He is faithful and full of compassion and will not allow the temptation to overtake you. It is important to note that this ONLY belongs to his children.

If you are outside of a relationship with Jesus than the cares of life will overtake and destroy you. You will die a sinner and face an eternal judgment without parole. Do not allow sinners to deceive you into thinking you can be good without having a relationship with Jesus. You cannot. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. Only through receiving the righteousness found in a sinless Christ can you be made sinless and recipients of God’s favor and abundant mercy.

The way that leads to life is narrow and the door is closed to sinners. If you repent and believe in Jesus he will open the door and you may walk in and be saved. Once you walk through the door no man on earth can sever your relationship with Jesus. No trial. No wicked person. No superior army. If God opens the door, you should know by now, no one can shut it.

This goes for promotion. This goes for any access where it may seem impossible. All things are possible to those who believe in Jesus.

5 responses to “Open and Closed Doors

  1. Your post brought tears to me. I have had a very difficult week, it has been God’s guidance and strength that has revealed the steps to take to move toward improvement. With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

  2. I love and appreciate the conviction and sincerity in which you wrote bluntly, honestly the TRUTH… I guess what I’m saying is I appreciate you not “sugar coating” or “going softly” to say what is real! Thank you! Love!

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