Don’t Just Pray Do Something

It has been brought to my attention that some people are in fact praying. They have been praying for God to move in their family. Break generational curses, heal sicknesses, remove cancer, remove anxiety, worry and depression. What they fail to do often is fast the Biblical way. Prayer is easy. It doesn’t cost you much. You throw it up and oh well I did all I could. Also, in the book of James laying hands on the sick is seldom done with the addition of faith and time. We rush God, but will watch a 3 hour movie. Hours upon hours of television or internet, but refuse to spend time laboring with someone in prayer.

I also find that people will work to abuse those who do work to fast and pray and labor with God. One Christian connected to Jesus is enough to heal their family. Just one. One prophet prayed and stop time. One prophets shadow healed the sick. Are they better in God’s eyes than you? What does God respect? Obedience and Faith. Also, keep in mind God has his own will and may not desire that persons healing.

I remember casting out a demon and did not find someplace suitable for the spirit to go and deciding to cast it into an animal for which I was forbidden, God had another place for the evil spirit to go. Seek God’s will on family matters.

Ask yourself before you send out that prayer list? Did I fast and pray? Did I speak with them about Jesus and did I offered to place oil on their heads and pray like the Bible says in faith? Did I work and use my resources before asking others to use theirs? The first line of defense in everyones family according to the Bible is the immediate family. From there we branch out and if that is not sufficient than seek the elders of the church or one who operates in the gifts of healing, if that is the need.

P.S. Every Christian has gifts from God and if you do not know your gift. You should ban yourself from every form of play until you do. If your soul and your families souls is not that important, then why should it be to someone else? Of course, every Christian is called to love their neighbor and their enemies, but keep in mind that we all have a responsibility in this fight against evil.

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