The Wrath of Jesus Christ!

wrath of Jesus
It would seem that people have been deceived about Jesus. They have only been told about his love and kindness and his wrath has been hidden from most. Hollywood wants you to believe that Jesus is still on the cross suffering. He is still a slave and the guards are still beating him. They want you to believe that those who follow him are just victims as well.

You have seen batman vs superman and thought what evil is coming upon the earth now. Have you ever thought that when Jesus arrives with ALL power and might and his display of strength in the bowls and seals that will be released upon the earth that this day the people will want to die and he will take away that ability so that you can fully be afraid and fully feel his wrath that this is the evil that is coming.

The day when Jesus reclaims his throne in the city of Jerusalem and does not spare any wicked soul but crushes them into dust until the blood in the streets rises to the bridal of a horse. This Jesus is coming and will you be able to stand in his presence? Not without his mark of the Holy Spirit written on the inside of you.

In this day the Christian will rise as judges of angels and mankind will weep knowing what evil atrocities they committed on people who did not fight them. Jesus wrath will crash down so hard that the only people and angels left will be the ones who rejoice at his coming. All others will be cast into hell and within there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. They will curse God, like they cursed man and no one will hear their voice as they live for eternity in darkness.

This is the wrath of Jesus. Do not be foolish to think the wicked can grow and grow and grow and prosper and keep money from the poor by fraud and not receive the reward of this labor. Judgment day is coming and yes. Aliens are coming. Because Jesus and his angels will be foreign to the wicked, but the people of God will rejoice in that their Master has arrived.


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