I’m Christian, But I’m Not

Satan’s latest and greatest deception. It is an oxymoron who thinks they can be a follower of Jesus (Christian) and not follow his teachings. These people currently are all hellhound and the devil is in them all. I know because I have a special gift, but their fruit already proves them to be liars.

Don’t be shocked by their lies, because their father is the father of lies.

Why did I post this video? To inform the real Christians of the coming judgment on us. Now is the time to fortify yourself. Like Jesus said, the time will come when they will no longer hear sound teaching, but seek out ungodly teachers to teach them doctrines of demons.

The day is fast approaching when you will see me behind bars for preaching and teaching that Jesus is Lord.


5 responses to “I’m Christian, But I’m Not

  1. I am the daughter and Grand-Daughter of two Ministers.
    I learned a long time ago, there are two types of Christians:
    “c”hristians and “CHRIST-CENTERED People.”

    I married my childhood sweetheart and moved to Oceanside, CA. He was a Marine. He was violent. When we came home I thought I was safe in the arms of my “christian church.”

    I had divorced him; and moved home with my parents. We got dressed to go to Church. When we got there, there was no sermon. The “meeting” was all about me. They were kicking me out of my own church because I filed for a Divorce. They said, “You should go back and convert me.”

    My reply? “He will kill me. There is no way I am going back!”

    As I was walking out the door for the last time, the minister said, “What are you doing to do without Jeus?”

    I replied: “Christ goes where I go. My question to you is: What are YOU going to do without Him?”

    I never went back. Two months later, my parents told me that the Minister’s Daughter got a divorce; and they didn’t kick her out of Church. I was invited back. I quietly spoke, “No thank you.”
    THERE ARE two types of Christians as I mentioned. Those who talk about HIM; and those who live it.

    • This sadness me. It is difficult to find a church with a minister or pastor who is preaching the whole Bible and demonstrating God’s power. This type of church is rare. Most either demonstrate, so called all love and no judgment or all hypocritical judgment and no love.

      Are you attending some church now?

  2. I find it quite sad that so many people are fans of Jesus but not willing to put in the work required to be His follower.

  3. I recently had a close friend and I unaccepted at our church that we had gone to since junior high because we had thought some of the things they started to do was rather harsh and that we’d lose disciples rather than inviting more people to know Jesus. They pretty much told us that we didn’t know what we’re saying and that we don’t know Jesus.

    We stopped going there but now attend a new one, & I have began immersing myself in devotions. I don’t know about the path of my friend, but praying they continued to seek Jesus.

    It’s hard to find a church where they don’t become self-centered and scare many people away; at the same time, avoiding sugar coated preaching.

    • Christianity first and foremost is a relationship between the individual and God. Each individual will give an account to God. There will be no church pastor, deacons, prophets, prophetess, critics, etc. Just the individual and God. It is a personal relationship with Jesus. God says, you don’t require a teacher because the Holy Spirit will teach you and bring all the things you require to remembrance (1 John 2:27). Yes! He uses a man or woman to present the message, but after that it becomes the individuals responsibility to grow in knowledge and in the understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your greatest growth will be in the personal reading, praying and fasting. When it comes to church the Bible has one design where the Christian may be planted in a church to be salt and light in the midst of the craziness within it.The church in Sardis Revelation 3:4 had saved people in the midst of a bad church.

      You should strive to be where God has called you to be a blessing and if it happens to be a church where you agree with the Pastor 100% Praise the Lord. If God calls you elsewhere, Praise God. Your most significant relationship growth will be in the closet and not in the walls of a church building. Never forget this. Especially, as you have mentioned, “sugar coated preaching,” which is actually doctrines of demons has infiltrated many churches and anointed churches will increasingly be harder to find.

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