Since the devil and his demons like to give us work, let us return the favor. You may have heard before that when we are not praying our power is fading in God. Prayer is our power. God gives his angels the command to move when we are praying. The moment we stop the angels stop. We must pray without ceasing and always have a mindset to pray. It should be our default for everything that goes on in our life. I assure you. The devil and his demons always have the same agenda like pinky and the brain. Try to take over the minds of humans and exploit their weakness and destroy them with sin.

Let’s give him some work. Pray this prayer out loud.

Jesus you are the bright and morning star. The one who is, was, and shall always be. You are the God that heals, delivers and sets free. We thank you for the awesome gifts you give us each day. May we continue receiving them as we live faithfully and pray.

Now Lord we ask for bullet piercing armor. We ask for the type of faith that quenches the enemies plan against us. We ask for a hedge of protection and ask to hide in stealth mode. Reveal first the enemies of our own heart. Let us see the work of the devils hand in our life. Give us discernement. Give us strategy on how to defeat him and keep him losing. Surround us now with your angels and let them fight against the devils with swords in their lips.

I speak against depression right now. I call upon the cleansing fire of the Lord to touch my entire body. To fill up the space that I am taking right now and to increase the temperature so hot that I burn for the Lord. You evil spirit of depression, anxiety and fear go in Jesus name. Leave this temple. Holy Spirit expand within my body and push out every evil spirit and dark place that resides in me. Fill me full to overflowing. Leave no space free. Let every dark space be filled with light inside me Jesus. Let the light of God fill me. Right now Jesus. Fill me and give me wisdom for this day. In Jesus name.

I call the spirit of cancer to the floor and ask the Holy Spirit to burn like coals upon his back. Let the fire fall like rain upon me and let the poison that resides in me be removed from my life. I refuse to drink alcohol and will remove from my temple the drug caffeine. I will be pure before the Lord and he will heal his body as it belongs to him. You must flee sickness and infirmity in Jesus name.

Share Share Share and let us give the demons some work today. Pray through. Pray this prayer at least seven times. Faith must rise up in you and watch the compassion of Jesus flow. Amen.


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