False Information Leads to Bitterness – Real Deal About Giving

Real quick: Have you heard that if you give a tenth of your money to the church that God, in this life, would give you either a 30, 60, 100 fold blessing? Is this true? No. If you believe this, you will be setting yourself up for bitterness. Before you think I am anti-giving or even tithing I am not. I just want you to have a proper Biblical understanding for your giving so that your expectation is correct.

When your heart is right and you give your money to the Lord, whether it is ten percent or more God is taking into account your giving. This account may or may not be seen in the land of the living, but will certainly be seen when God gives to his saints their reward for being faithful in heaven.

Take for instance John who was beheaded? Where is his prosperity? Paul who on many occasions was homeless. Was he a giver? What about the lost who do not know Jesus and prosper financially? If giving the tithe was God’s promise for receiving 30, 60, 100 fold blessing in this life, he has lied to many people. What about the poor woman who gave her last? Do we find her in a following text within the Scripture prosperous financially? No.

Paul was a preacher to the Gentiles and he never mentions to any of the churches within his letters about giving a tithe. He never mentions a specific percentage, but that God loves a cheerful giver and God will add to your account for giving. He never promises a financially blessing in this life for giving to God. If this were correct than those who give should never be martyred thats not prosperous and should never witness the devil tearing their body with sickness, but this is not the case.

Please do not confuse God’s promises to the people of Israel within the Old Testament and in the gospels.

Give to your church and understand that your giving should be something you think about doing first. You should also know that it is important who you give to. The person should be more righteous than you. Your gifts to God are not done haphazardly. The high priest that received the gifts from the people were more righteous than the givers and if not, he would be killed by God on the spot.

Your giving is a serious matter and should be done with as much carefulness as you do anything else for Jesus.


4 responses to “False Information Leads to Bitterness – Real Deal About Giving

  1. I have heard that. It isn’t the way you expect a GIFT to God.

  2. NO ONE should EVER give a gift EXPECTING it to return 100 fold; or for that matter..anything at all.

    A GIFT should be given from the heart without expectations.

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