How To Check For Demons Within My Body!

Most people have many demons within their body. A large part of their personality is not even their own. Unfortunately, these demons have lived inside these people so long that they cannot tell the difference between who they are and who the demon is. They either embrace a behavior they are not comfortable with by joining the demons request and refuse to fight it or they deceive themselves into thinking everyone else has the problem and not them. The demon wins on both counts and the person lives with the torment.

I will use one demon as an example on how to check if you have any within your body. For example: An obese person or gluttonous person

This person has an evil spirit of gluttony within them. Science will call it chemical imbalance and so on. They are correct, but it is not the root. I could talk about the evil spirit that drives women to plastic surgery and how he marks his property with tattoos, but I am going to be specific to the evil spirit gluttony.

Believe it or not this spirit lives in a persons fat and loves sugar. It has tentacles that connects itself all throughout a persons body. It is a powerful demon. The obvious answer that you have this spirit is are you obese? The second maybe  obvious answer that you have this spirit is that your world and conversation revolves around food. Your god is your belly, like the Bible says. So lets go for some of the deeper ways and these can be used for any functions in your life, you believe are not quite right.

  1. Open your Bible and start reading out loud 1-2 Peter and 1-2-3 John in one sitting. Take note of your thoughts as you are reading. Are you getting jittery, images of food popping up into your head, hands shaking. You can’t concentrate or even get through the entire reading in one sitting.
  2. Your driving to work or the mall and a thought pops up with a feeling. You were asking for directions and bam a thought and feeling pops up.
  3. You attempt to diet, fast, or go vegan and a slew of thoughts (excuses) pop to the surface to discourage you.

These are all the signs that you have demons within your body. Their speaking to you all the time, but you don’t recognize them, so it becomes difficult to deal with them. It doesn’t make sense for these foreign thoughts to be in your mind, unless they are not your own.

Depending on the level of demons and generational curses will determine the power they will have over your will. Demons possess a person on a temporary bases. They mainly assist in controlling you. God does not allow them to have complete control all the time, but sometimes they do. Sometimes when I cast out demons out of a person and I ask them about their actions and they are unaware of what they have said or did.

To get them out you must first be born again. You need a relationship with Jesus. You need to receive him as Lord and Savior and ask him to forgive you of all your sins. This loosens the chain and removes the license that Satan has to inhabit you. Now you must cast it out through obedience to the words of Jesus. Reading the Scriptures and praying.

Jesus I receive the gift of salvation and ask for your forgiveness. I also forgive anyone who has offended me. I do not hold them in judgment, but I forgive them. Please give me the Holy Spirit so that I may live a righteous lifestyle and set me free from all guilt and condemnation. Rescue me Lord. In the name of Jesus. Send your angels to remove every evil spirit that resides in me. The darkness and the cancer. Remove it in Jesus name. Set my feet upon the rock that is higher than I. May the Large angel dump buckets of joy over me as my hands are held up to receive. In Jesus name.

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