In-flight entertainment: Vicious brawl erupts between five women on a Spirit Airlines flight over loud music being played on a boom box


spirit airlines
In this edition, of the Power of White Privilege, a Fight broke out on Spirit Airlines Flight 141 from Baltimore to Los Angeles. Two intoxicated female passengers were playing music on a speaker. Several passengers asked them to turn it down but they refused. Three women then approached the pair and a brawl erupted. All five were pulled off the plane upon landing by LAX police. No charges have been laid. Read more

There has been discussion on Alex Jones about the nonexistence of white privilege, but this is a lie. If this had been five black females brawling on the plane they would have been identified as terrorist by the FBI and charged. Even more so had this been five black males. Am I saying they should be charged? No. It would appear no one got hurt and doing so would be an added tax waste.  Did you notice the title? “In-flight entertainment” and if you click the link above, there is a video and you will notice the reporter laughing. Change the race and the reporter is not laughing and this would not be called an in-flight entertainment.

So black people. Please do not try and top this video. The results for you will not be the same. Don’t hand over your life for foolishness. Give your life to Jesus as you have been called to do and live for him. He will supply all of your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. Trust him the way the Bible records and not the way you see preachers behave on tv.

Not many will care for you or tell you the truth. Follow the Lord Jesus Christ and be set free.



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