Plowing Ahead

You have grabbed the plow that Jesus handed you. You’re excited about his love and forgiveness and his promise of eternal life. You have stepped into the fountain of life. Now the enemy (Satan) comes quickly to discourage and deceive you about what you received. He hammers you with, “what if’s” and a host of other opportunities for freedom and love. Depending upon the plan of God you will receive a host of deceivers working to pull you back into the world you left.

You’re in the right place when Satan misses you. Keep in mind. He hates you and so do his servants. They may smile at you, but inwardly they are your enemy. Please do not forget this. Treat them as an enemy. This does not mean being evil toward them, it means do not trust them. Their father is Satan and they spread lies just like dad.

When you proceed to tell them about Jesus expect some insult and injury. Remember, their father is Satan. He hurls insults and desires your demise. The world in this regard is very simple. If your Father is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob you will receive what Jesus and his disciples received. Remember, the Pharisees did not receive the same treatment the disciples of Jesus received, even though, they both claimed to follow the laws of God. The people of Rome (secular society) who did not claim to follow the laws of God, did not receive the same treatment the disciples of Jesus received. The people of Rome serve many different gods.  They received the same treatment as the Pharisees.

As a Christian you are a peculiar people, a holy priesthood, set apart for the blessings of God and the children of Satan will hate you. They see God on you and it burns them. Satan can trigger anyone who does not know God to turn against you. That wonderful relationship can turn around instantly. However, the relationship never turned, they never loved you in the first place. Their father was always Satan. You must understand that this is with everyone who does not know Jesus. Smiling and joking in your face does not mean they love you. I have pretty waitress smiling at me and making jokes and it does not mean, she wants me or loves me, she wants a nice tip (money).  Satan is a grand manipulator and you must not be deceived by his so called nice children.

Now a Christian is not perfect and may offend, the difference is your relationship will be restored quickly through forgiveness. If they refuse to forgive you, this is not your problem. Press forward in the forgiveness God gives and plow ahead.  Always plow ahead. Do not let anything stop you from plowing ahead in God. As the battle within rages on and the battles without, God strengthens you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Plow ahead in prayer. Plow ahead in believing God. Plow ahead in trusting the Lord. Plow ahead in reading the Scriptures daily. Understand that the enemies of a man are in his own household. Do not be surprised by this. Anyone who does not know Jesus is your enemy. It is about the blood of Jesus and not the blood of your family or race. Your brothers and sisters are those who share in the covenant of Christ and these people are your true family.

This is your life and its most important part is the afterlife. Plow ahead. Plow ahead. Plow ahead.


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