Put Yourself In God’s Shoes

You may have asked yourself on several occasions as you go through hardships in particular the question “Why am I here?” The quick answer is because God willed it. Before you were born, you had no decision making abilities and right after you were born, you had no decision making abilities. You did not choose the womb, the location, your economic status, or whether you would be born right into slavery or set straight to the abortion mill. If you happen to past the age of fifteen you really want to know what is my purpose.

All of God’s creations are designed to worship and adore him. Don’t like your purpose? Well, you have a limited time to ignore God’s purpose with relative ease. Meaning, the consequences may not be so harsh for you. Some evil people live long healthy lives treating people like pawns on their chess board and not caring about anyone but themselves. However, their day awaits them. God allows this knowing what he has in store for those who hate or choose not to worship him.

If you are honest with yourself and put yourself in God’s shoes, would you not want your creation to worship you or would it be cool that they curse you to your face and work to destroy people who choose to worship you? Would you be cool with your babies being destroyed from the womb you created? Would you be cool with your creation more concerned about each other and ignore you altogether? What emotional response do you think you would have if this was the case? Anger perhaps. So is it strange that God would create a storm and wipe out thousands who never acknowledged him in the first place? They were purposeless creations.

It is important that you perform the purpose for which God created you. Think about it. If you were God what would you really do? How many people have you cursed out already? Sought to destroy or ruin them?

Judgment day is coming for all and the measure used is your acknowledgment to the Son that God has provided for your salvation. You must acknowledge Jesus and ask for his forgiveness and follow his plan and purpose for your life. Or what would you do for those you created who refused to listen to you? Be honest. Can you imagine being God and creating all things and your creation has the mitigated gall to question you?

Let’s take advantage of God’s compassion and mercy while we have time.


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