The Intern: Propaganda Never Gets Old

maxresdefaultThe movie the intern was filled with demonic teaching about the role of men and women in a relationship and paints a false picture of how a relationship is taught within the Scriptures. This is another piece of propaganda that Satan is using to destroy the family and erect a hostile environment within the family.

Do you want to know why you have been divorced and have so many failed relationships? It is because you cannot discern that movies are pastors and preachers of the antichrist doctrine. A producer of a film filled with the devil and not Christ cannot produce a film that glorifies God. An apple tree can only produce apples.

So when you open your eye gate, which is a window to the soul, you also have opened up your heart. Once your heart is filled with a demonic message, you will then produce demonic results, which are failed relationships and broken families. You will wonder why  your relationships are crap and the devil will be snickering as he knows that you don’t know he is behind your sorrow.

Guard your heart. Be careful what message you let in. How will I know if the propaganda is working? Is your immediate family one? Are you together on one page or is their huge amounts of disorder and chaos. Husbands are you leaders of your home and your wife is happy to see you? Wives do your children love you and happy they have you as a mother? These are the fruits of opening your heart fully to Jesus wisdom.

Always check the fruit. Adjust your pastor and produce great fruit. The pastor that teaches you makes a huge difference for either good or bad. Make sure your ears are wide open to what God places within His mouth.


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