Bernie Sanders Said Reparations For Blacks Is Divisive, Yet He Supported Reparations For Jews

For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light: – Luke 16:8 Christian: It is time for a knowledge explosion, we should not be broken up as Christians that makes no sense. This black and white division in Christianity is demonic. It needs to stop today. Christian people promote God’s righteousness and God promises to take care of your purse.

But seek first his kingdom and his RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all these things (finances) will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33). If you support unrighteousness you are being deceived and living against the Bible command.

2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gained much traction with white “liberals” (and Blacks alike) because of his unconventional political views, and his alleged connections with Civil Rights activists of the 1960s.

Sanders has also been well-received because of the notion that he would be a “better alternative” to Donald Trump– and in many ways Hillary Clinton as well– because in the minds of many Melanoid people here in the States, voting Sanders in would ensure that the two aforementioned candidates would be excluded, thus creating a “lesser of three evils” situation in the process.

While it is no secret that Melanoid people have been systematically mistreated and oppressed at every possible turn, common sense would lead people to realize that compensation for our 400-plus years of pain and suffering would suffice. However, virtually every other group has received some form of government assistance and/or tangible resources that would bolster those respective groups’ socioeconomic (and in most cases, political) standing in this country.

Today in 2016, Bernie Sanders has to be placed in this same category of other politicians who play on the emotional heartstrings of Black Society with no real intentions of addressing its most pressing issues.

As of late, it has been shown that Sanders has gone on record to take his stance on his opposition of reparations for Melanoid people, even referring to the idea as “divisive”.

If that wasn’t alarming enough, then the following information will possibly shed more light on Sanders’ political agenda, and Black Society’s role in it–or lack thereof. It has been reported by Fusion  that in 2012, Sanders supported a bill that would pay Holocaust survivors reparations…a stark contrast to Sanders’ staunch opposition to Black people receiving payments for being victims of our own heinous, yet longer-lasting regime than the Holocaust–the African slave trade, and the centuries-long Black experience in America in general.

Unless he changes his tune on reparations for Black people (which is highly unlikely), Bernie Sanders is yet another charismatic political figure from the dominant society who has not given Melanoid People a concrete reason as to why we should continue to back him on his run for the presidency.


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