Breaking Satan’s Kingdom Systematically

It is important that you understand that the Kingdom of darkness is designed just like the states, counties, and cities in America. Over every city there is a strong demon that Satan has given power to cause destruction, enslavement, and prosperity for his servants. Of course, the prosperity is short lived and often done through demonic activity like fraud. Anyway, the strong demon over the city has a boss and also has demons that he controls to maximize coverage on the earth. There power is strongest in areas of the city where witchcraft is being practiced and those serious about receiving supernatural power, whether they understand demons or not, he plays on many witches ignorance.

Remember, Satan comes as an Angel of light. You will hear people talking about receiving power from the light, if it is without Jesus Christ, you automatically know it is from the evil one. When these same people come across a real Christian the power of God breaks them down every time.

There is a whole lot of activity that happens around you, for those without the ability to see inside the spirit world. You would be shocked, if your eyes were opened to the spiritual realm, to see what is actually around you. It is ridiculous. The believer in Jesus Christ would multiply their prayer if they really understood how much power you yield and how many things happen negatively because we choose to sin rather then pray.

Your city needs your prayer. Right now in your city a young girl and boy is being sexually molested. A young woman is being trafficked and a young man is being raped by another man. Fraudulent business deals are taking place to trick people out of their homes and houses are being vandalized and robbed. Do not be fooled into thinking because you live in an area where the cheapest home is 300,000 that you’re fine. Every city has a demon over its head. Believe God when he said, you’re prayers can move mountains. You can go to and find out the  sin (crime) that happens in your area. As a Christian we are called to pray and we are called to be salt and light.

Here is an example prayer for your city. Pray it daily. Print it out. Pray over your city. There should be at least one Christian in every city. In Sodom and Gomorrah they had one.

Say your city by name for example: Bless city of Dixon, CA

Pray: God, we need you. We need you to sweep through, with your angels, down our city streets and expose the molester, child abuser, fraudster, and trafficker.  Bring hot coals upon those who seek harm, death and destruction to this community. Send your fire down on every satanic cult and remove the sin from this city. Clean this city. Make this city your sanctuary. Make this city your holy ground. Because I live in this city it will be blessed with favor. Bind the principalities over my city with chains. Place governors on their ability to harm children. Protect the city. Jesus take the deed to the city and make it yours. Control this city and bless it. We surrender. This city belongs to you. In Jesus name.

3 responses to “Breaking Satan’s Kingdom Systematically

  1. Thank you so much for this….God Bless You.

  2. Yes! And pray for our homes and businesses. Atmosphere Adjustments are always needed to clear out the darkness that some carry into our spaces too. Thanks for the prayer!

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