Supreme Court of the United States Prayer

supreme court, prayer
God of heaven and earth we need you. We invite you into our hearts and minds. We ask that you forgive us for all of our sin and transgressions. Cleanse the temple. Clean it and make it whiter than snow. Cleanse it with hyssop and cause the standard of righteousness to be lifted in Jesus name.

We ask for the fire of the Lord Jesus to fall from the third heaven into each  of the members of the Supreme Court of the United States and to purge them. Let justice and wisdom reign. Let your righteousness reign. Let your understanding reign. Let your commands be followed that the people may rejoice when righteous  decrees are made. Block every Satanic ritual that conjures wickedness to be decreed and the law of the land. Break the back of racism and injustice. Select the new man. A man of Godly character who stands with integrity and supernatural Godly power.

Remove anyone who desires to uphold unrighteousness and wickedness and murder. Send 100,000 angels into the courts right now and cleanse it. In Jesus name.


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