Sweet Spot

holy spirit, sweet spot

There is a sweet spot in God when everything seems to smooth out. What I mean is that you feel clean and pure. When you sleep its clean. Your house is anointed and the presence of God can be felt by anyone entering it. It is place where your home becomes a sanctuary. When you worship the Lord in song and praise the glory of God fills the home and you see a literal smoke in your house.

The fear of the Lord is there. The joy of the Lord is there. The peace of God is there and you are dwelling in his midst. As a sanctuary your home becomes the charging ground. Similar to the iPhone, laptop, and watch. You charge everything there and leave on full and then when you come back home, you place all your devices on the charger and begin again. The sweet spot is a full body charge.

I must confess, there was a time in my life that when I would enter a room. People would say God has just entered. Anyone who would come against me in condemnation God would judge. God would literally move them out of my way. I have lost that level of anointing because I have lost my extreme passion and diligence. The sweet spot cost. Salvation cost. You have to die to self. The sweet spot cost.

How did you get to the sweet spot? I am glad you asked.

I began closing every satanic door. I must warn you there is an initial level of suffering at each door you close. Some doors come with hanging suffering. The first door was secular music. I crushed all of my secular cds. My hardest cd was Mariah Carey, I was supposed to marry her. Anyway, when that door closed, I could feel myself getting closer to God. The second door I closed was video games. I casually played those, so that door was easy to close. Again, I felt closer and cleaner. The third door I closed was television. Again cleaner and lighter. Demons were having less and less access to my mind. While I closed those doors, I was reading a letter of Paul a day. Philippians on Monday. Ephesians on Tuesday. I was ate up. I would pray in the morning before leaving work and use some of my lunch hour to pray and then close the night praying. I would fast three days without food and water. Sometimes, I would go to five days without food and water. As you can see I am paying a price for this anointing.

My sensitivity to sin increased. It was literally like stench in my nostrils. I was becoming more and more like Jesus. Satan would send me carnal girls to tempt me, for which the filth of their sinful flesh I abhorred. I saw fire around them as I knew they were headed to hell. Sometimes deep compassion would come over me and I would give them the gospel. I was being led by God’s Holy Spirit. As you can imagine at this time, most Christians did not feel comfortable around me, that is to be in my inner circle. There conversations was fleshy and I had no use for them. I took the Bible seriously. Every letter. Only let your conversation be that of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:27).

God gave me a close friend whose anointing surpassed my own. His prophetic anointing was so powerful that he could tell me everything I did, when he was not around. When you entered his home, I felt the power of God. I also had a female friend who operated in the prophetic. She was a prophetess without a title. She carried her church quietly from the pew. Her dreams and prayer life was incredible. The common denominator with us all, was together all we spoke about was God. I recall being a valet at this one church and the conversation that the men would have was, “look at that sister there” or “what is that brother wearing.” They would tease me because my suits did not have some mans name on it that was not paying my light bill and I did not wear gators. They were carnal. It is unfortunate, but I hear these individuals are no longer within the church at all.

The sweet spot costs. Whether or not it is required for salvation, I think not. We are saved by grace and some will be saved as yet by fire. Which simply means they believed, but have little to no works for the kingdom of God. They make it into heaven by a hair. It will be more common then not as the Bible declares the righteous scarcely make it. Its a dangerous place to be comfortable in your Christianity, when the Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

God is dangerous. I am still walking with him, but not as closely, I believe I need to repent and do the first works. Like falling back in deep love with him. Sinning willfully is not the business and your soul hangs in the balance. Many so called Christians are going to hell. They love this world way too much. Some of these guys love women way too much. Some of these women require way too much praise when they should be seeking satisfaction from Jesus. Don’t let anyone lead you astray. Family can be your biggest enemy. Watch them closely. If they get out of line, do not go with them. God is judging us all separately.

Your assignment in life is to get into heaven. Do not be foolish enough to believe that this world has redeemable qualities because it has none. God is coming to put this place on fire. He is coming with a wrath that our technology will not be able to resist, because Satan is already working to destroy his people from within. These elite and satan worshippers are being set up. It is a foolish belief that you can overcome your Creator. It is not even logical. Man creates the terminator and even though the machine is powerful, man still overcomes it again. How much more a God you cannot see, until he wants you to see him and one who says that the earth is his footstool.

If you read this far down, give your life to Jesus Christ. He is the author and finisher of the faith. The way and the truth and the life. You cannot know the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob without going through him. All other gods (fallen angels and demons) submit to him.


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