Is Black-ish Dangerous for Black People?

Blackish is dangerous for Christian children. Especially dangerous for black children. It questions gender. It questions God. It questions whether prostitution is a good choice. It questions and mocks Jesus and prayer. This show is highly demonic. A propaganda piece to destroy and confuse black children. If you find this humorous and think its harmless, you are dead wrong.

You want to know why you have sickness in your body and grieve all the time? It is because you suck down demonic teaching (poison) like a nutritious meal for  people who desire constructive living. The idea of questioning everything was the same formula Madlyn O’hair used to promote taking the Bible out of schools, and prayer. We see how well that is working in our school system, with children out of control and shootings. Just think about the shootings you don’t see on the news. The news only catches the tip of the iceberg and what they want you see.

Anyway, protect your children from filth and they will not grow up filthy. They will grow up as servants of the most high God and not blemishes on your record, but citizens of Christ. You must watch (pray) and keep your children from evil. God is holding you accountable as the parent. If you do not watch, then Satan will run through your house and destroy everything in sight. You will look stupefied and wondering why my children behave this way, I have told you now. This is demonic television programming at its finest.

Nothing passes the subconscious like a good laugh and then watch my house get filled with depression, doubt, and confusion.

Protect your children. Hide them in the Lord and then sit back and watch them shine when all your hard work has paid off and your children are successful in the Lord.

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