The Mystery Behind – Sleep Paralysis

sleep paralysis,
This post is not for the normal Bible reader. It is for the Christian who operates in the Spirit and possesses gifts found in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and the book of Acts and Timothy.

Let’s start off with the lies you hear about sleep paralysis. You must live with it. You can only cope with it. It is all in your head. These are all lies. As a Christian you have been told by the Scriptures that you do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual beings in heavenly places. These spiritual beings are not friendly ghosts, but demons sent on an assignment to deceive and destroy.

Sleep paralysis is a demon. He is a gateway demon. He opens the door for your spirit to enter the spirit world, while being in the body. It is like being inside your self as a little man, while looking through your eyes. As the gateway demon he allows the demons within you to make a connection with you, these can be demons of fear or lust mostly. You will either be connected with sleeping with a demon in the spirit world, who will appear as a human that you fancy. They know you, they have been inside some of you for decades. The spirit of fear is used to torment you with either suffocation, night terrors, end of the world scenarios, death or simply giving you a glimpse of their terrifying physical appearance.

Deliverance from sleep paralysis is possible through simply casting out the evil spirit. I have done this for family members who have reported to me that since I cast it out, they have not been tormented since. It seems to be an easier evil spirit to remove. Of course, heavy use of horror films or pornography are gateways inviting a host of demons to fill and use your body as their playground.

Sin is serious business.

If you have this and want prayer let me know in the comment section. You don’t need to be specific. You may simply say this is my lot.


9 responses to “The Mystery Behind – Sleep Paralysis

  1. I actually suffered with this decades ago. On more than one occasion I thought someone was coming through the doorway. I was also tormented by irrational fears during this period of my life. Once I thought to pray at the onset, these episodes quickly stopped. I’ve had times many years later when they tried to begin again but prayer always eliminated it before it could start.

  2. This happened to me last night and happens a couple of times a year. Sincerely would like prayer.
    Kind Regards

    • Here is a prayer to pray: Believe and God will move on it. You may need to pray it seven times if this type of prayer is new to you.

      Lord Jesus Christ,

      I present myself before you and ask that you forgive me of all of my sins, iniquities, secret faults and transgressions. I forgive all those who have sinned against me. I release them now in Jesus name. Now Lord Jesus, I pray that you bind the strong man and begin to spoil his house. Every evil spirit that plagues me, Go in Jesus name. You evil spirit of fear, anxiety, and doubt must go to the pit right now in Jesus name. You evil spirit visiting me at night Go in Jesus name, your authority has been stripped and your power has been diminished. God send the strong man into the pit right now in Jesus name. Every chain connecting me to sin, be broken right now in Jesus name. Generational curses be broken now in Jesus name.

      I surrender my will to the Lord Jesus Christ and he is filling me with his love right now. The angels are standing over me and the buckets of joy and peace are filling me. They tip the buckets over and I am being filled by God. So full that all that is left within my body is light. In Jesus name. My cup is running over and surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen.

  3. Many thanks, I’m finding the resources on here very useful. The penny is really dropping that it is a daily battle and we really have an enemy. Please pray for my wife Tracey who is not a Christian for softening of hearts and to free up anything blocking her from coming to the Lord.
    In Him

  4. Also and not a coincidence, I had a lustful dream last night and you mention above that this is a pattern, so it would appear that this is related to the paralysis experienced 24hrs before. Is the advice to keep praying. Regards Nick

    • A lustful dream does not require paralysis they can be the same or different. There are three types of dreams. Make sure before you go to sleep you read the Bible and pray. Read Psalm 1 slowly and make your way prosperous by following what is prescribed within.

  5. This is my lot Kudzai and Thandi

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