Devil using your heart for his pleasure?

devil, satan, demon
There is more death in the scripture because of sin then life lived in pleasure because of obedience. The Bible stories in the Old and New Testament seek to warn us of the coming judgment and of the One we will come to see in judgment.

It is amazing that one would fear the devil in horror movies and scary killers of all sorts, but the only one who can cast to hell is Jesus. Jesus holds ALL power and might. He alone holds the ability to forgive and opens the lamb book of life. Demons are cast out in his name. Healings take place in his name. Salvation is given to mankind through the name of Jesus Christ. So how is it we fear him less?


The devil will use your heart for his pleasure when you submit to the deception, that he actually has control over all the earth. This does not mean he is powerless, that would also be your deception, but his power is rooted in your disconnection to Christ.

When you ask the Lord Jesus into your heart, you must abide in him. That means stay connected to Jesus. Satan tries to disconnect you by using your heart. Once you are disconnected you lose power and he gains control. You ONLY have POWER in JESUS. You must abide in him.

So how does this work? An individual desires a spouse and is having difficulty finding one. So they begin to search and search on the internet. They join dating site after dating site as well as varying social media accounts. The demonic watchers taking note know what to use to attack you, but they wait. Why?

As long as you idly stare at pages that’s enough distraction/bondage to send you to hell. You are bearing zero fruit and God will destroy you at the proper time. However, if you seek to become obedient to God’s word that you either read or heard from of servant of Christ the demon will have to kick up the deception.

So he enters a young lady or guy and has them pursue you. If you bite, this person will have you enamored. Just long enough for your heart to be fully engaged in this person and then like a whirlwind, he changes the persons heart about you and you are broken worse then when you first started searching.

For some, he will have succeeded in the death of the person through suicide, others are stronger and may harm themselves, but not to death. So this person retreats to the internet once again. Now bitter and in greater bondage, the devil is not done with this person. What he does next will…

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