Mystery Behind Perfume, Cologne, and T-Shirts

witchcraft, christianity
When one comes to God they must worship him in spirit and in truth. This message here is for the spiritual Christian. The carnal minded Christian will not understand this or heed to the warning that I am about to unclose. My profession is to be the voice crying in the wilderness and reveal the mystery behind why some things are done.

In your travels on earth, you may have noticed the names of some perfume and cologne. Unforgiveness, Lust, Sexy, Red Sin, My Sin, and Sinful to name a few. These fragrances are Satan’s modern day witches brew. Now any fragrance you purchase with a name that is contrary to God’s Word will work against you. Nothing done on earth is without reason. There is a spiritual component to everything. If you are a Christian you should not buy anything like this. The scents mark you. There are curses placed on you when you put these scents on, instead of putting on Christ who is blessed forever.

The same thing with T-Shirts. I literally see demons enter people when they put on shirts that have skulls, crosses, the devils flower to name a few. These types of T-Shirts are Satan’s gospel being preached to the world. A persons disposition changes when a person puts these types of shirts on. You have children acting crazy? What type of T-Shirts are they wearing? I am specifically talking about shirts with a demonic message (any message contrary to God’s Word) or picture. Not a small Nike logo or Under Armour. These shirts mark those who put them on and curses are placed on these people.

If you think T-Shirts don’t matter. Put on a Jesus T-Shirt and watch how self conscious you become. That is because demons hate Jesus T-Shirts. I am not talking about wearing a huge so-called Christian cross, that a porn star could easily wear, but a T-Shirt that simply has Jesus across the front or back or both. Many of the so-called Christian T-Shirts are demonic.

No one gets saved by cross symbols.

Salvation is found in the name Jesus for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).”

Christians must take a stand, while we still have the freedom to do so. Go ahead and buy a Jesus T-Shirt today.

P.S. If it is one thing that this post reveals, it should be that you become aware of your surroundings and watch for all the demonic messages that are being preached and come against it with the wisdom you receive through the reading of the Bible. You have not resisted unto death.


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