Eighth-grade girls discovered high on ‘new form of meth’ at Blocker middle school

drug addiction, meth
A drug probe is underway at a Texas City Middle School after a group of eighth-grade girls was caught with liquid methamphetamines.

Authorities said the girls started acting strangely during classes Tuesday afternoon at Blocker Middle School.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said the drugs were in liquid form and on a type of stamp. The sheriff said it is so potent that the meth can be absorbed through the skin if the stamp is touched. He said it is new for them to see the drug in this form.

Authorities said the girls had the drugs wrapped in foil and they were acting kind of zombie-like and kind of delirious.

Six eighth grade girls have been suspended and now face further disciplinary action, local media reported. Another source records no criminal charges.

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When there is an emotional drought within the home, drug temptation is difficult for many children to resist. Money is the not the solution. Spending quality time with your daughter is the answer. These girls due to white privilege receive grace (no criminal charges) but black parents need to be extra vigilant as this will not be the case for your children. Please do not set them up for failure, as the same situation would have ended with criminal charges.

Ask the Lord to give your children grace. Let’s be in prayer for our children as the public schools become feeding grows of destructive behavior to your children’s psyche.


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