Two Souls – Schizo Thinking

It is a dangerous thing to be schizo or split in ones thinking. Moving from believing in Jesus as God and then speaking to someone about evolution and believing you came from a monkey or changing and believing you came from a grey alien. Your prayers will constantly be devoured by the warrior demon and you will not have access to heaven. The ears of the Lord will be stopped up and you will be living a life that is moved by every doctrine you hear. Unstable in all of your ways, your life will be fruitless.

If you’re wondering why your double-minded consider your mental diet. Are you sucking down every doctrine without first understanding the doctrine of God? Have you searched the Scriptures and studied the Bible and have the ability to rightly divide it, before digesting or considering to give an ear to a worthless doctrine that has not benefitted the person offering it?

Your faith cannot grow if you do not give it the proper water and ground (depth). You must have a single eye and dig deep within the pages of the Bible. Are you reading Christian books more than the Bible? Why? Did not God say, His Holy Spirit would teach you? The devil loves to keep you spinning around in confusion and doubt by encouraging you to fill your mind with everything but the Bible.

Schizophrenia/Double-minded thinking is cured by digesting a vegan diet (sola-scriptura).


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