White Cop Faces Death Threats For Breaking The White Supremacist Code

Christianity, Police Officer,One of the reasons why the system of white supremacy stays firmly in place for so many years, is because so many people from the dominant white society are afraid to speak out against it. History has shown that white people who break the racist code and speak out against white supremacy, are usually punished by those in the dominant society who wish to maintain that system.

This “white supremacist backlash” has occurred recently for a brave white police officer from Oregon,who turned in his chief for making a series of racist slurs about Black people. Officer Alex Stone, of the small city of Clatskanie, Oregon, said he and fellow officer Zack Gibson decided to come forward after witnessing their police chief, Martin Hoover, pound on his chest and howl like a monkey while being briefed about a complaint by a Black suspect.

Race soldier Martin Hoover was placed on paid administrative leave after the complaint and retired soon afterwards, receiving praise from the city for his services.

Since officer Alex Stone has come forward to expose the injustices of the department, his life has been threatened by other white supremacists who wish to punish Stone for breaking the “code”.  “I’ve received death threats, a tire flattened with a nail on my driveway. My kids, they’re afraid to go outside”, Stone has said in a recent interview.

‘My wife’s been forced off the road twice. I’ve had people in the community yelling the N-word at me.’ Read more

Christians send up a quick prayer to the heavens for this man and his family. This demonic act should be met with heavenly prayer.


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