Social Science Deception

Christianity For SeekersIt is important for you to realize that not all things called scientific is actually scientific. Similar to those who call themselves Christians, but do not know Jesus, walk in his way, or even read the Bible. They claim because they have heard of him through someone else they are Christians by osmosis. Social scientist are funded people. This means that the results are subjective to the individual or business funding them.

For example, in the past social scientist claimed that interracial children had lower IQ’s and immune systems and so the prohibition of marrying between the races would be detrimental to humans on earth. Of course, with people like Frederick Douglass, Barak Obama, Melissa Harris Perry, Vanessa Williams to name a small few, because there are many black people on television and those with successful youtube accounts, classified as black are actually mixed, you could add Zendaya, Mariah Carey, and Halle Berry. This study falls on its face. The reason for its existence is to control the masses to believe a certain way.

In this season, it is important that you use discernment when you are being fed information. Who is funding the information that I am being fed and what is the normal pattern of this organizations agenda. Homosexuality use to be a neurological disorder within the DSM IV. Now the agenda is massive sexual confusion, so what are the scientist saying in the DSM V? Homosexuality is not a neurological disorder, but they still cannot produce children and if the entire world or say one race decided that this is a good way to live that would create genocide. Again, science changed based on the agenda of the one funding the studies.

God’s word never changes and his way will produce for the believer an eternal fortune that no man can take away. Remember, we all die, but what happens next will be determined by the right relationships you developed on earth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.


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