Fallen Angel Presidential Pick

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There was a man who spoke to a fallen angel within one of the US Presidential Nominees and here is what he was told.

Obama is not the antichrist. His term will end and our number 1 pick is Hillary Rodham Clinton. We have full control over her and can use her to usher in a new paradigm for family relationships that will put the US on all fours.

Our number 2 pick is Donald Trump. He has a strong white man demon that we can use to keep the bloodline clean and usher in a new power that will enslave millions.

Our number 3 pick is Bernie Sanders. We rather not use him, but we control him so he will do if the people choose him.

Number 4 is not our pick at all. Ben Carson we hate. Our control over him is limited. We don’t have full control over him and he could be used to bring revival to families and we hate functional families. Functional families lead to a functional country and thus prosperity for all. We will work diligently to destroy him and make sure our top pick gets elected.

My wisdom on this: God elects by majority. If the majority want Satan as their leader and his rule of law upheld, then God will allow the destroyer of families to lead the nation. If the majority wants God their leader and his rule of law upheld, then God will allow the peacemaker to lead the nation.

Demons don’t control the outcome, people do. Who do you want leading the nation? God cares little about finances. He never told the Christian to seek finances. He said, righteousness.

I heard a voice, whether it was God or not, that made me weep. He said, “Son, the people don’t want me.” I cried.

Now I do know prayer changes things, but will the few powerful prayers be enough? Unfortunately, most peoples prayers have no power, because they lead lives of unrighteousness.  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).


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