Desert Vista High School Seniors Spelling Out Racial Slur Lead to Social Media Outrage

Christianity, Christianity For Seekers

Friday, according to school officials, was “senior picture day” at the Phoenix high school, when more than 700 seniors lined up for an annual panoramic class photo. It is a traditional event and common for students to wear shirts that spell out pre-approved phrases.

However, after the class photo six female students gathered in a corner and lined up next to each other to spell out “NI**ER” with the gold letters across their black shirts. The middle two letters of the word were asterisks, instead of g’s.


For many this is racism. A description that these six white girls are dangerous to the black community. I would say they are not the issue nor the problem. Clearly, they are just messing around as high schoolers do. What happened to freedom of speech? I could tell you what is on the inside of each of these girls, but I would rather quickly identify the real issue. I have looked into the girl with the N on her shirt and I can tell you she is no threat to blacks. Now, they all have the white man demon on the inside along with other demonic spirits, but I will press on to my main point.

The real problem is structural racism. When a black goes to get a home loan and is charged a higher interest rate than whites. Blacks working the same job as whites and being paid three quarters on every dollar. Blacks not being hired strictly because of the color of their skin. Racial profiling and high incarceration rates along with longer sentences for the same crimes as whites. A media that ignores that white women are considered minorities and have the highest consumption of welfare.

Let’s go deeper. The real problem is that blacks have forsaken the God of Israel and as he has promised, we would be scattered and our elderly and children would not be regarded. You see white male cops shooting black elderly and kids without remorse, but you would be wrong to simply blame them. God promised that when we turn our backs on him that he would punish us. Don’t be foolish enough to believe the words on these girls shirts mean anything. The problem is sin.

God has always used the minority to confound the majority when the minority turned from their wickedness and served him. He alone can and will pull us out of this:


Without repentance this gap will only increase. What more does God have to do?  How low can we go? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I suggest you do the same. T-shirts with letters on them should not move you. The fear of God should. Stop sinning. Repent and watch God move with power on your behalf.


One response to “Desert Vista High School Seniors Spelling Out Racial Slur Lead to Social Media Outrage

  1. At first, I didn’t like where you were going with this. But you illustrated Truth….perfect commentary.

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