Audience Hands And Lights At Concert

A crowd level view of hands raised from the spectating crowd interspersed by colorful spotlights and a smokey atmosphere

Do you use size as the measurement for quality? Do you use it to validate the qualifications of a person? Do you use it to measure success? Do you understand what size means?

What are your thoughts on the works of Melissa Scott, Joyce Meyer, and the attractive Paula White? Do you idol them? Do you believe they are following the Bible? Is your approval of them based upon feelings and the size of the congregation?

Does the size of the congregation validate a person as approved, called, and qualified by God?

Does it bother you that men in their congregations, teach their sons how to be followers of women, rather then leaders of the home? Have you been deceived by the Jezebel spirit and believe feminism is the fight that a Christian should have.

If size is the measurement for following God, then how about following Katy Perry, Beyonce, or Taylor Swift? They all have sizable congregates that pack out concerts while they sing songs of praises for humanity.

When it comes to the word of God the only thing that matters is following him. Size does not matter.  Size does not validate or confirm a follower of Jesus. The Bible (KJV preference) does the validation.


3 responses to “DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER?

  1. Nice article. I believe its more to do with fruit of doing the ministry and see that it gives glory to God in the end than to Man/Woman.

  2. There are way too many who flock to the mega churches today who teach what makes people feel good. There are still a few of the smaller congregations who are adhering to God’s uncorrupted KJV Bible and preaching Bible fundamentals. Such fundamentals as the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that God hates all sin, instead of teaching tolerance to sin. These smaller churches are seeing more souls saved and therefore disciplining more souls in growing God’s Kingdom than the feel-good mega churches. And although I like some of what the women you reference teach, I agree that it is not Biblical for the women to head their households. It would be better for the men to do the teaching and the women to help. 1 Corinthians 11:8-9; Genesis 2:18.

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