‘Duck Dynasty’ Dad Suspended from Show

phil-robertson-duck-dynasty2Apparently, during an interview the Dad called homosexuality a sin. Amazing how this man has more boldness than the celebrity Pastor Joel Osteen. Anyway, should he require boldness under our Constitution of freedom of speech? He should be allowed to say whatever he desired and not be judged by it. As you know this judgment thing only goes one way.

Stories like these are becoming commonplace and the reader of the Bible should not be surprised. God will not return until it is like the days of Noah. What was happening during the days of Noah? People were murderers of fathers and mothers, sensual, following their lusts and hateful. That is what is taking place in the world in which we live.

People are shooting people for winning employee of the month at Walmart and children are going into schools to shoot and kill people.  Why? The world totes brain damage. I tote a lack of love. Listen to the mother who divorces her husband, because she is unhappy and her children suffer. They grow up and have it progressively worse in their relationships as they are disillusioned about life.

The absence of love is the absence of caring and the absence of caring is the absence of value and the absence of value is death. We kill roaches, ants, and flys all the time with ease. We don’t think about their pain. Why? Because they have no value to us.

When we do not value this man’s opinion, it is because we do not value him. Hence, suspend this man for his opinion and put this family in financial jeopardy. How many more stories at lower levels happen like this?

Do you ever find it funny that Christians don’t go around hurting homosexuals? We call it sin and that is simply where it ends. We get the blood off our hands, so when you meet Jesus, you have no excuse. Notice, how the sinner squirms when the truth hits the mind. Do you know why? You are still created in God’s image and this is why the truth is offensive to the degree you must hate this family and suspend his employment.


12 responses to “‘Duck Dynasty’ Dad Suspended from Show

  1. Thank you! It’s like people who aren’t Christians want is to go along with everything they believe to be right, but the minute our truth comes out we’re suspended, hateful, judgmental….oh, but weren’t we aware of this 🙂 it all comes with the territory. You’ve got a way with words.

  2. It is interesting that he is getting suspended from the show. It’s That when we speak his truth that people wont like it. He said that he still loves the people just doesn’t agree with their lifestyle. God uses people for many different reasons.

  3. The truth is the truth it is a sin and no sin is greater then the other so why should that one be ok. He should be able to speak his mind after all it is a free country so why should he be suspended from his show for speaking his belief. The gays are not being suspended from there shows when they are making fun of Christ . If they want to get upset then we as Christians need to get upset also

    • Thank you for your comment. There are sins greater than others, but I totally get your point. The degree of sin is seen in its penalty. I was glad to see on CNN a bold pastor speak on this subject and simply give the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who viewed the broadcast.

  4. He did what was right they shouldn’t get mad the truth is the truth. This is still a free country. There is no sin greater than the other .

  5. Yes, we will be seeing more and more of this hate of God’s truth. I feel so much righteous indignation when so many do not even check God’s Word to see that this man was quoting Scripture in part of what he said. Not many pick up a Bible these days, so they do not know what is in it, or they fall for the corrupted versions of God’s Word that leave out what they do not want to see. “Soon and Very Soon!”

  6. freedom of speech means that he’s allowed to say something and the GOVERNMENT isn’t allowed to do anything about it, not that the company with which HE HAS A CONTRACT can’t do anything about it. They have the freedom to suspend him, they are not the government

    • The government exist to protect the citizens of the United States. When contracts or rules set in place contradict the good order of conduct for it citizens, the government must and will step in.

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  8. Great post! Thank you for it!

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