000000320254-Paige_Butcher-squaremediumI must confess that I get tired of this word bully. It is becoming more and more abused as time goes on. The ability for people to simply tell the truth is becoming more and more limited. When I was growing up in school it was commonplace to be made fun of. I was made fun of quite abit, I talk about it in Journey through the Desert and I think I turned out fine. I would not say I enjoyed the endeavor, but my value was established from loving parents and the word of God.

I enjoyed the days when telling the truth was easier and more accepted. I remember approaching this blonde girl in school, she was beautiful and tall. She was 5’10 and well I was shorter. The awesome thing about her was her honesty. At the time it was called spitting and I proceeded to do this and she said, I have to tell you something. I like my guys taller than me and I like milk instead of dark chocolate. I said, ok, and left her alone.

Of course, I was hurt a little, I liked her and it was a natural response, but I was also pleased by the honesty. The conversation was in private and she did not yell it from the rooftop. I also knew girls who liked me that I did not like. That’s life.

Let’s approach life with honesty. We all have people who like us that we do not like. Remember this when you approach someone who does not like you. Getting angry and bent out of shape is not necessary. Let’s learn to accept the truth and move on.

I play the matchmaker from time to time, my record is not that good, but what I found in doing this, that people do not like telling the truth. People are clearly not attracted to the other person and instead of simply saying this they say something else that sounds stupid. I am not sure if the other person always accepts this, but would not the truth be simpler?

If you are reading this blog, lets commit today to telling the truth. Of course, telling the truth can be done tactfully as in my experience and this is the way it should always be done. Her message was honest, in secret, and clear.


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