Call Jesus white? Call Santa a Historical Figure? Black Santa?

article-2523601-1A18A1BC00000578-641_636x382You may have seen this article title on CNN or another website concerning Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s comment that Jesus is white. She also spoke on the whiteness of the fictional character called Santa, who obviously never visits the needy. As thousands of children every year go without a single gift.

Her thinking is not too foreign from the majority of black and white Christian churches. It would seem the world at large has a better grip on diversity than the church. I believe it stems from the white icon called Jesus. As you know, Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week, as hordes of blacks rush to black churches and hordes of whites run to white churches.

You may not know this but when you see on the Trinitron a white Jesus with long flowing gold locks on Christmas plays and other church functions this immediately causes a separation. Why? Blacks in America feel racism everyday. Some of us more than others depending upon the circles you frequent. I was recently offered a part in an indie film as what character do you think?

God told the people of Israel not to create images of the divine, but man is seldom satisfied to pray in faith believing without seeing. He must erect some image as the object to which tribute is given, but God called this idolatry. Why? Whoever has the image would be seen as closest to God and favored. I suspect Megyn Kelly is either ignorant of this fact or racist. I choose to believe the former, given the fact she is not a representative of the church or a theologian.

I think C.S. Lewis understood this as he used a lion to represent Christ. Let the Christian church be mindful of this. The race of Jesus does matter, because as I have said, “whoever has the image would be seen as closest to God and favored.” It is simply human nature to do so. But God said, those closest to him would be those who live righteously and love him with everything and their fellow man. Images will never do this, but tangible acts of love will.


10 responses to “Call Jesus white? Call Santa a Historical Figure? Black Santa?

  1. This is a very thoughtful read! It is a sad testament that the power of imagery goes right over the heads of the masses of those who need to be the most cognizant of it.

  2. I don’t understand why blacks and whites fight over what color that their Savior is. He was a Jew, He had to be of the line of David in order to be the Messiah, but considering that my family is from Lebanon, I don’t look on Jesus for His supposed skin color, nor His land of origin.

    Anyone who does is missing the point entirely, be they black or white. Racism is not restricted to black people anymore and it seems that the more “outrage” there is over racism, the more people start crying “race” whenever something doesn’t glorify -their- race.

    I’m American Indian on my fathers side, he grew up on a reservation where Indian’s weren’t allowed to be in school with white kids. I’m Lebanese on my mothers side and she grew up being called a sand n*gger. If all of that weren’t enough, we live in the deep south and I committed the cardinal sin of marrying a black man and having a child with him. I assure you, that stigma stays with me no matter what I look like or how much money I make.

    Racism is not peculiar to any one race. Take it from someone who knows.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. This is why I write. Your decision to comment has increased my knowledge.

      To answer the deeper question to why blacks and whites fight check out chaos.

      • Thanks, I’ll look at that, although I feel fairly certain that I already understand why blacks and whites fight.I also understand that whites fight whites and blacks fight blacks.

        I refuse to give any one race “one up” on the other. That’s what racism is all about.

        Both sides need to forgive and love and actually, all races need to do that, not just those with white skin or black skin. As I’ve proven, Barack Obama is more white than I am and yet he’s considered black and I’m considered white.

        It’s just melanin. Looking white or black shouldn’t force someone to bear the sins of racism.

  3. I could have added to that that most people take me to be “white” so I get to enjoy the fruits of all the “racism” whites do as well.

    I’ll be very happy when people stop worrying so much about their egos, regardless of what color their skin is.

  4. Dear Roger
    Being a South African and mourning the loss of Mr Mandela, it saddens me to say that you can ban racism from a country’s law books, but it takes an act from God to eradicate it from people’s hearts! I think common sense, which by the way is not so common any more, should tell us that Jesus was neither white nor black. Being the son of Mary, I think it is safe to say that He was the same race as her. She was a Semite. But don’t make that another law, please…….! But first He was a Spirit with a body, the way we were also created, but we know that it didn’t quite work out that way in the Garden of Eden.
    Blessings XX

  5. The commentary here is uplifting, to know that there are people that see past the insanity of “race” and acknowledging it as an ugly tool to divide and conquer those who would have the MOST in common!

  6. Very well said, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Man existed in the spirit in image of God Genesis 1:27 before he was formed in Genesis 2:7. What we see with our eyes is just shells which won’t matter comes judgement day. Romans 8:29 For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son.

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