v8iphgThis is a quick message to the hypocritical Christian woman pioneer who speaks about beauty beyond the skin. If you are going to give a message on youtube, a blog, or television on how women need to be confident in who God has made them and understand their inside beauty, please do me a favor.

1. Do it with less foundation on your face then used on a 2000 square foot home.
2. Do not shave your eyebrows and then tattoo some on, unless done previous to your profession.
3. Do not have comestic plastic surgery to alter your God given face.
4. Do not have huge amounts of massacre and eyelash extensions.
5. Do not have on ridiculous amounts of loud lipstick and cleavage out.
6. Do not have unaturally dyed hair or loud nail polish.

Because when you speak about beauty and have the above things, it makes you look stupid. Similar to the parent smoker telling their children not to smoke and they grow up smoking anyway. You have heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Live and lead by example.

P.S. notice I did not say anything about weight. Why? Gluttony is a sin, I’ll leave it right there.



  1. Link/source?

  2. Pretty funny. Truth in a nutshell

    • It really is. I understand the marketers have done a wonderful job at making women feel ugly without putting on makeup. There are magazines that promote that women who wear the most makeup, make more money at their jobs. It’s a billion dollar industry, but teachers should be leaders by example. Thanks for reading.

  3. You should have sent this to ‘The Talk’ as well.

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