Julie Chen – Confession

julie chen
This video made me cry. This needs to stop. I understand surgery for being deformed or due to an accident, but ladies need to stop being insecure about their appearance.

Don’t say you trust God and then take man’s advice for how should look. God said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added on. He is not a man that he should lie.

Your look, your eyes, and your hair was created by God and not man. Serve God and God will deal with the man.

4 responses to “Julie Chen – Confession

  1. lesreveriesderowena

    I work with a lot of young women from Korea and a lot of them told me they had eye surgery because their eyes were small and “ugly.” It’s so incredibly sad.

    • It is sad. It is a universal epidemic. White women are plagued with nose jobs and breast implants. Black women get booty implants and lighten the skin. Asia women get eye and nose surgeries and the list goes on. No one wants to look like what God created because people are more concerned about the creature rather than the Creator of heaven and earth. I do agree things where better in the Garden of Eden before sin, but this is so ridiculous and sorrowful, because it does not end here. It moves on to depression, suicide, and other addictions. May the Lord grant the church the ability to take back the name Christian and assign it to those in which it applies and let the impostors be exposed.

  2. I agree with you on this topic. I just recently went to Southern California, went to the beach…OMG Most of all the women were fake and plastic up. I am grateful to god and his love how I was created and what I look like. I am not perfect nor would I want to be, but I am happy in my skin!

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