120124-find-from-the-mass-burial-in-dorset-credit-lion-tvYou may be tempted to think your destiny is to own houses, cars, and other things, but you would be awfully wrong. Your destination is the grave. Your whole life is headed in one direction. From the ground you were produced and shall return. Cover up the casket it does not matter for both shall corrode.

Did you actually think your destiny was something else when your strength is failing and your arm flaps faster than bird wings and your breasts sag lower then necessary at the same time glasses cover the face and grey hair abounds?

You covet. You desire. You run over people who have less wealth than you. You turn your nose up at other races and call yourself a Christian. I understand. The term Christian is dying and practically dead. You have Christian porn stars. Christian swingers. Christian rap artists and pop stars. Christian yoga. Christian pole dancers and whatever else you desire after all being a Christian is so popular.

The devil knows you desire all these things, so just slap Christian on it and now its Christian. Don’t judge me.

It’s time you wake up to your real destiny. It’s time for real Christian’s to take back our term. I would say call me a Jesus Follower, but the world and Satan’s followers would distort that too. So for you that are confused about the term Christian let me explain. The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch (Acts 11:26). Christians suffer persecution and glorify God (1 Peter 4:16). Christians do not make excuses for sin they call it sin, some cry and then change.

Christians know their home is in heaven. They work for the kingdom of heaven. They pray for the Father’s kingdom to come. Christians have no confidence in the flesh or their naturally wicked heart. Christians set their affection on Christ and his righteousness. Christians will rule the earth and judge angels. Christians have a ruler and his name is Jesus. Christians will be resurrected like their King and all others will perish.

It’s no secret the current ruler is the devil. You want huge sums of money in this life? Join the devil. His servants own everything. Ask TD Jakes and Joel Osteen. The devil offered our King the same thing, but Jesus refused, he chose to suffer with the peasants. Moses did the same thing. It is impossible to be in the devil’s world and not suffer persecution. No different than blacks in a white mans land expecting to prosper financially. Not going to happen.

Real Christians have one goal. One Father. One Mission. One destiny. Same suffering.



  1. I like the fact that you have taken issue with the term “Christian” being placed on everything as though that makes sin and ungodliness OK. God requires a standard of holiness which means not giving in to the rudiments of this world.

    Well said!

  2. It’s difficult for me to accept all the morality preaching in the name of Christianity. As if we non-Christians are all sinners and doomed. Spare me, please.

    • To clarify your statement it is not difficult, but impossible to accept without faith in Jesus Christ. All people are sinners falling short of God’s glory and doomed without a Savior.

      Thanks for your comment as it aids in proving my point.

  3. Roger, nicely done! Your spirit shines brighter in ever word you share…it is wonderful to know that His spirit’s energy fills your spirit each day…our day will come brother! God bless!

  4. Great article Brother! I tried to address this same thing in one of my blog post. When someone says that 90% of “Christian” homes send their children to public schools, I thought, “If this is true then why are public schools not being impacted in greater number for Christ.” In actuality it was just people who claim the term “Christian”, but their is a difference between a proclaiming Christian and a practicing Christians. In the end I found that the percentage of actual practicing Christians is FAR less than what some people want to admit. So for them it was okay to slap Christian on there info to make their point about how wicked and evil public schools are and advocate why homeschooling is so good. But in the end we need the “Real Christians to Please Stand Up!”

  5. This is a great post! Too many people put the term “Christian” on everything and twist its true definition. God gave us the spirit of discernment, to be able to tell His Words and works from Satan’s. We need to start using it.

  6. Gerald W. McAlister

    I agree with your wise words. We are here on this earth
    A very short time. As Christians we should spread the word
    And lead people to Christ.

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