78c08c1fbeb7b6ba3470605af5b4a19dWhen you understand the Holy Spirit more you will understand his power. You may have stopped by this blog today, because you are a subscriber and this is good. You may have fallen here by mistake, if that’s even possible, whatever brought you here, I hope, will cause you to stay. Why? I have something wonderful to share.

The Holy Spirit is the person of God. He is the guide in this life that directs the believer into his truth. He is the one with whom believers hear the wisdom of God. The Comforter directs us and hears our prayers. He moves on the words from our lips that match the lips of Jesus.

To understand the power of God and to have a personal relationship with Jesus is to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will tell you how to dress. The Holy Spirit will give you wisdom when you ask in Jesus name.

The Holy Spirit is sensitive to the believer. He can be quenched. When this happens the believer no longer hears from the Holy Spirit. There is no more conviction as the person has fully engaged himself or herself in disobedience against God’s word. Listen. Repent. Ask the Lord for forgiveness and began again to seek his face. As the word is acted upon in obedience, like a dry root the water of the word will revive it.

We as believers are missing out on a lot. We think sex is good and forget God created it. How much more sweet and deep things, can God create for us, who seek his face fully? If you are not being guided daily by the Holy Spirit that means something is wrong. Why? Because God does not just want some of your life and then take a break, he wants it all. When you give it all, he gives his all.

One response to “SWEET AND DEEP

  1. Moving through Corinthians is providing a good reminder of the power of the Spirit and what it means for us today. We all need His presence and power.
    http://lifesearchforchrist.wordpress.com/ Pray for understanding and What about the gift of tongues?, gracie God bless you

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