Super Sweet Blog Award

I am always suspicion when receiving an award for sharing the gospel of Jesus. For it is not the award of man I seek, but God. With that said, when someone has decided to award me, I except it with a smile and a thank you to the one who gave it. Lauralee Berrill’s blog at Super Sweet Blog Award gives encouraging direction for the challenges we face.


So as expected, I am to follow all the simple rules for this award and with that go the pleasure of nominating 13 other sweet bloggers. 

Rules for this Blog Award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer five ‘Super Sweet’ questions, listed below.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award Icon in your blog post.  (simply, copy image above)
4. Nominate a baker’s dozen, so cute (!) 13 other deserving bloggers.
5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.

My Five Super Sweet Questions for this Award:  (You Answer the Same One’s)

1. Cookies or Cake?
Chocolate Chip Cookies 

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

3. Favorite Sweet Treat?
White Chocolate

4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
In the evening 

5. Sweet Nick Name?

Here are my nominees:


5 responses to “Super Sweet Blog Award

  1. Can it be that God uses mankind to speak to us? Does he not give encouragement to us through one another? I so appreciate your posts. They are a vital part of my ‘cyber church’ group. So be blessed and look to your source. God bless you.

  2. Thank you Roger, for the award, God bless my friend!

  3. Roger,
    Thank you for the award. It is much appreciated. However, it is the policy of SIH ministries to not accept awards. It is only through the grace of God that SIH ministries exist and continue to prosper. For those of us who are simply being used of Him, we deserve no awards nor acclaim.

    But I did want to express to you that your thoughts toward SIH are an encouragement. Thank you so much. May the Lord richly bless you.

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