Florida school bus driver watches 3 black teens savagely beat 1 white teen

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This is sorrowful behavior that appears to be on the rise in our nation. Of course, violent behavior is not going anywhere and can be found in every aspect of life. We fight wars with other nations that lead to countless deaths and domestic violence is high, along with sport figure murders. What should be the response of the church?

The church pastors and people should take this as a wake up call concerning the sin in our nation and the preaching against such behavior. I am not sure about your church experience, but there appears to be an increase of church pastors preaching careful messages about Biblical Scriptures that don’t affect my life personally.  It almost seems, like the pastors are preaching from the position that every church member is living the separated life and just waiting for God’s blessings because of their faithfulness to his Word.

The children in their congregations are twerking and making posts on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter. Many parents are ignorant of this because of the lack of communication.  Parents are deceived if they believe their children have not seen porn, violent acts, and other horrific things on the Internet. Just because you said no internet (not smart), does not mean, they don’t receive access from children at school or in the neighborhood. 

I saw my first porn magazine, from a friend, whose father would hide them in the garage. I never told my parents.  My parents and the church I grew up in, talked about the importance of living righteously and I remember working hard to commit myself to living holy.  Of course, I fell multiple times, but because I had a constant stream of how I should live, I abstained from multiple sinful things, I could have gotten into as a teen.

Unfortunately, many black teens are the product of single mothers I have many in my family. Fortunately, I grew up with both parents in the home, my father was the head of the house and even the cat knew it. Our cat Candy would bring him the heads of rats that she would kill.  I saw my father love my mother and even though I was never taught anything about saving sex for marriage it seemed to be something automatic.  I knew I wanted one woman for the rest of my life. Living examples are the best.

This is where the family structures that are whole need to help and pastors need to preach about sin. I come to church to feel uncomfortable. I go to the gym to feel uncomfortable. Why? So when I leave church, I become better. So when I leave the gym, I am more cut up and stronger. The church members should be evangelizing and bringing people to church and the pastor should fillet. So that members who leave the church are mean, fit and fighting machines against the demonic powers we face and our children may be protected.

15 responses to “Florida school bus driver watches 3 black teens savagely beat 1 white teen

  1. This is so disturbing. It is amazing the victim did not have further injuries, or even death. The students should be charged as adults if they are able to act in such an advanced violent way.

  2. I am terrified for what our world will be like when my grandchildren are adults. Numb to everything?

  3. Thanks for the post but I need to point out that there’s the case of at least 3 white teenagers that grew up with both parents and they killed their siblings AND parents, how can you explain stuff like that??? Please don’t try to clasify evil by race or social class evil is present in every race and segment of society even in the church and I am a Christian…

    • If you believe that I believe that sin only exists in the black community than you have missed the whole point of my blog. It could be that your own presupposition has diluted the message for which I have written. Please let me clarify.

      The absence of parental and pastoral teaching about sin is missing. Therefore these naturally evil untamed beasts terrorize others. You replace the missing teaching with teaching of righteous living in love. I mean, how to dress, talk, and act, these children will respond accordingly.

      • Well I beg to differ again, please bear with me, back in January I was floored by Nehemiah Griego, please google him, we are all untamed beasts if we don’t put Jesus Christ and keep him as Number 1, can I explain what happened in this young man’s mind?? NO!!!!! I just pray to God that in the end he can be saved…..and be reunited with his family…

      • I will bear with you. How do you resolve these verses? “Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse; He who guards himself will be far from them. Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:5-6).

      • I stand by them and live by them but like Job I try to pray for my son every day and I let him know that in the end it is going to be about the choices HE makes and the most important decision in this life and the next will have to do with Jesus Christ and to Never underestimate the devil, it is a constant battle for the souls of our young ones….

      • Prayer is good, however the verse says nothing about prayer. It says “train.” That means you are to purposefully direct your son and/or daughter into the way of God. All of my siblings are saved and in the church, working in some capacity. We got this way because we were told/shown growing up to direct our issues to God.

        It was thundering and lightening and I wanted to get into my parent’s bed and my mother said, “did you talk to God about it?” I said, “no.” She said, “get back into the bed and talk to God about it.” I began to pray and a verse popped into my head, that says, what time I am afraid, I will trust in thee and went right to sleep. It was the first time I had a personal encounter with God at the direction of my mother.

        I knew growing up that getting a career, finding a mate, playing some sports, or joining the choir, was not the most important thing, but having a personal relationship with Jesus and speaking to him daily was of most importance. We had Bible study in the house on Tuesday, went to church on Wednesday and Sunday morning and evening. We all were taught to know the Lord personally.

        My father chose to lose job promotions so that he could be with us on his lunch break in the summer time. My mother would drive us to my father’s job and we would have lunch and then drop him off. We stayed together as a close-knit family, including the dog. I remember my girlfriend thought it was strange; we would all get into the car together to drop her off, including the dog.

        Of course, God is faithful and when bad/no parenting or one parent household takes place this does not automatically mean the children are doomed. It means someone on the outside is going to have to pick up the slack. My father was raised by both of his parents. His father abused his mother, but never once did this pass to my father who received the Holy Ghost. The ideal situation and the situation that God has ordained are for one man and one woman to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Not so much praying, but living out a relationship with the Creator.

        I had the opportunity to grow along side other Christian families in the church. I would sleep over their houses and spend time with them throughout the week. What I noticed while doing so, is the lack of focus on God as much as it was on natural success. Some of my friends had money and would focus on this and not Christ. Today, those friends I hung out with, whose parents attended church faithfully, are not in the church.

        As the day grows progressively more evil it becomes more important for Christian parents to focus more upon a relationship with Jesus than career.
        This is why God says you cannot serve God and money (Matthew 6:24). Notice he did not say God and Satan, but money. If you train your children and live out a visible relationship with God seven days a week, it will work. God is faithful and will take care of your needs.

        You could live by most of the Bible and still be a poor parent. Take note of Job. He prayed and sacrificed for his children, instead of making his children sacrifice for themselves. Who’s money do you think they used to throw those parties?

      • Amen!!! I truly believe what you have said, all my immediate family is saved too. I believe every word you said but I still have no answer to church kids that go bad, unchurched kids I understand but kids that grew up in church….. Take for instance Marilyn Manson

      • Sorry typing on a phone, Marilyn Manson what do you think of him?

      • I think I answered this in my long comment.

  4. I cringe at reading this. What has happened to our culture that this kind of thing becomes common place? How can we bring simple kindness back to our world?

    • Parents need to raise their children in love to fear the Lord and value life. Single parent homes in America are increasing. This increase is not good, but bad for society. Violence will increase as the family deteriorates.

      • You hit it on the head – we are not taught to value life. The breakdown of the family, and society started years ago. Unfortunately, it is a downward spiral. We can only pray and work to change attitudes. Bless you for your courage to post such timely info.

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