youtube-largeWhat an awesome opportunity it is to use YouTube to broadcast quality information to those who seek it. The opportunity to learn anything from A-Z about a variety of genres is spectacular. You can learn about ways to save money, decorate the house, body build, crochet, or preach. What a fascinating system for transmitting quality information. Of course, there is a downside.

We thank God for freedom and would not desire it’s stifling, but this freedom gives the devil access to be free within our lives as well. When children access YouTube they are immediately transported into a cesspool of garbage done by adults, teens and little kids from every nation, color and creed. Things that would be rated X and R on the big screen are easily accessed here. Like every human on the planet we come equipped with curiosity and the sin nature. No parent works hard to get their children to lie, they automatically do this. It is important that parents are aware of the dangers of YouTube.

YouTube has become the place to leave suicide notes and incite death threats. YouTube encourages individuals to participate in harmful acts for views. You have fathers beating their daughters for twerking and other violent acts. Some crimes have been solved and others escalated because of footage seen from YouTube.

What should be our response? The Bible says overcome darkness with light. I encourage all believers in Jesus to make YouTube videos. Spread the love of God and wise words for people to have multiple points of access. Let’s flood the system with wisdom. Let’s encourage girls to think more about their character and not flashing their body parts. That young girls and women will choose to use discernable language and not physical violence. Let’s do better.

P.S. Adults must grow up. You are no longer a teen. Stop acting like one. You should be chaste and you should display a level of decorum that is fitting for your age.


8 responses to “YOUTUBE DID WHAT?

  1. I am sure it was good Roger, and what you said at the beginning is true

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are so right about the information found on YouTube. I often think of the prophesy that foretold of the abundance of knowledge in the last days. We’re living it. But we don’t have to consume the junk. We have the responsibility to override the bad with the good. I use YouTube to create art videos that proclaim the gospel and God’s love for us. They’re not professional. I’m just learning. But at least I’m trying to use what God has graciously given me to further His kingdom. Thanks for the encouragement..

  3. amen amen amen amen.

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