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For those of you that frequent black barbershop’s you will know that this is a place where confessions are made and discussions are had. I am unable to speak on other types of shops in this manner, but the barbershop is a place to get saved, talk about racism and the female race.

Yesterday’s subject was on female pastors and the white man keeping the brother down. Of course, I played with the iPhone and looked into space trying to avoid eye contact, so that I would not be dragged into this discussion. I wanted my haircut and to leave as soon as possible. I was not successful, as someone insisted that I give my opinion on the matter. So there I was in the presence of one white guy, an Asian guy, a couple of Spanish guys, and the rest where black males.

The first argument was that female pastors are called by God to be there. The second argument was that because the white man made black men sleep with multiple black women, the black man’s mind changed creating today’s black male players. Also, the white man has made it easy for black women to be on welfare, which mandates the black male be removed from the home, thus making sure the black man stays in his plight. We know families are economically better off together than apart.

Of course, you cannot talk about the white man without the white woman. The white woman must go after the black men that are prosperous, so that when the black man dies off, the money returns into the white community, because this man’s wife is white. Full proof plan to keep the black man down.

Now, I hear all this in the barbershop. I know you must be thinking I have been here a while. Yes! Ladies and Gentlemen, I was in the barbershop for four hours. We started with the Civil War and went beyond.

So what was my response to these things? I simply said, the order that God has set for mankind is man, woman and child. The order that God has set for the church patterns the order of the family. When the church or family is out of order there is unnecessary suffering and a lack of blessings that flow. Because God desires that all things be done decently and in order. Judge for yourself, whether a women leading the church, with men present, can properly teach a man how to be the head of his house when she is the head of the church.

Secondly, I said, concerning the white man. Paul said, forgetting those things that are past, I press toward the mark of the high call of Christ Jesus. I refuse to allow another man’s chains to enslave my mind and my ability and access to be obedient to God. The white man getting you down and the existence of white privilege cannot stop a God, who is all-powerful and all knowing. What can stop God is sin. Stop sleeping with multiple women. Find one that loves God and shows resemblance of this profession. She does not have to be black.

By this time I am standing in the middle of the barbershop and close with this. Concerning white women. I have dated a few, even supervised white women and I would be hard pressed to believe the ones I was dating had in their mind, I can’t wait to bring this black man down. If they did, they were excellent manipulators.

If more time were spent being obedient to God and seeking his face, God would have to be obedient to his word and give you the desires of your heart.  Stop making excuses for disobedience and just obey. The only thing getting you down is sin. Repent and give your life to Jesus.



  1. while I don’t agree with the idea that women must follow, I do agree with your summation! God bless you.

  2. Very interesting article–and you did so well responding:) Good for you.

  3. Thank you so much. As a 70-ish white woman who championed civil-rights in the sixties writing poems and painting to express the passions of the era, I am so confused by all the current strife and distrust. I am heartbroken at the level of angst that you described in that barbershop but appreciate so much your courage to speak truth.

    Regarding women in leadership roles, Scripture only addresses the issue for the family and the church. There are Scriptural examples, either specific or implied, of women taking leadership roles in other areas, but in the family and the home the man is to take the leadership. I have learned that if an exuberant, capable woman seizes control in those areas, the man will let it go rather than get into a power struggle. And the family or church just loses too much when the man is given permission to abdicate his role.

    • You mentioned a critical part that Scripture only addresses the issue of women in leadership for the family and the church. This is so important because many automatically assume, (worldly minded) that discussions of women in leadership according to the Scriptures span all aspects of life. By that logic I would not be able to read or write. Pray in some ways, taught by my mother.

      Instead, it addresses the office of a woman. That is why Scripture never shows God anointing a woman for leadership in the church. Not one church in Scripture was led by a woman. Not one disciple elected was female. Not one author in the Bible is female. The closest text to a female author is Proverbs 31, which was taken from King Lemuel’s mother who was a prophetess.

      Women are given the same Spiritual Gifts as men, they differ in the office, because common sense shows that it is inconsistent to be led by a woman at church and then the husband try and lead at home. This is why the black family suffers so much; we have so many females as leaders and not men. Pharoah knew a man would be his problem and had the male children killed, similar to Herod, because the leader that God would choose will always be a man.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. It was truly a joy to read.

  4. Simply put I LOVE YOUR RESPONSE!!!

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  6. Next time you are in the Barber shop … consider discussing men’s health…especially as it relates to Heart disease and Cancer. Visit my blog and website for free teaching videos and educational material … I think this population could truly use this information! Blessings to you~

    • Homicide is far and away the leading cause of death for young black men, more than car accidents, suicide and diseases combined, according to an article co-authored by a Florida Atlantic University physician ( Since the barber shop is predominately this category, not sure how this really effects them. As you may have read I don’t begin, start or initiate, just finish the conversations within the barber shop.

      • Is 40yo considered young? 44yo maybe? It was just a thought based on what I see in the population I treat. Many are not paying attention to their health. Last month I treated a 27yo for Hodgkins … just a thought. I appreciate the leading causes of deaths … but the silent, unacknowledged killers are affecting our community at large also. Thanks again and should Health comes up in the Barber shop, please do find supporting statistics at NCI, NIH and ACS. Those at the Barber shop have managed to escape homicide. Thanks for all you do! Blessings!

      • Not all those at the barber shop have managed to escape homicide, I have been going to this barber shop a while and homicides have come up more than once. That is all I will say on that. Thanks for your comment.

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